Tripod Camera Dolly and Dolly Track System Complete

tripod dolly with pvc tracking

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  • tripod dolly with riser basr
  • tripod camera dolly
  • tripod dolly with pvc tracking

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Quick Overview

Camera track and tripod dolly kit. Complete with dolly, 3 sections of pvc tracking. Built in blocks allow tracking to be leveled easily and setup quickly. Operator can walk between rails with no worries of tripping or knocking spacers.

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The PVC tracking has flat leveling blocks and is great for both indoor and outdoor shooting. With minimal on-set adjustments the tracks can be leveled easily when flooring is less than perfect. Setting up is very fast and easy. Will support 100 pounds+

tripod dolly on pvc tracks

Straight track and tripod camera dolly kit Includes
3 sections of tracking [12.75 foot track run]
Tripod Dolly.

star icon Works with any tripod.
star icon Works with any DSLR or video camera.
star icon Easy to setup and operate.
star icon Fast setup.
star icon Easy Transport.

PVC tack kit includes 3 sections of 55" tracking.

Each section of tracking is a PAIR of 55" rails.
= 51 inches of complete usable track when connected

Camera dolly and track

Very easy to level and setup. Built in blocks keep track flat and in place. Will not roll away as tubes tend to. No spacers required. Operator can walk between rails with no worries of tripping or knocking spacers. Blocks can be quickly shimmed to level uneven ground.

Thick walled PVC with built in quick connectors. Fast and snug fit. 

Pivoting wheel trucks for use on curved or straight tracks.

You can us PVC, metal or rubber tracking from 1" to 2.5" diameter.

Why 12 wheels when 6 wheels is cheaper? Same thing, no?
6 wheels are pretty useless and performance wise not at all acceptable. Maybe a little harsh, but the truth. You want the weight distribution and friction spread out. 4 wheel trucks are much much smoother and more stable over cheap 2 wheel dolly points. 2 wheels will grab and bind and will not run very smoothly. You want 12...

tripod dolly advantage

Movable leg cups and universal bungee tie downs lock tripod legs onto dolly base snuggly.
Works with any tripod - Spike feet, ball feet or fall feet

Includes unique base with riser to mount tripod head, camera or any accessories.
Base can mount second camera. DSLR can be mounted on riser at the same time as tripod. You can also attach a tripod video head to base. Shoot B-Roll below for a dual perspective of the same shot.
Or shoot low profile point of view shots.

Standard 1/4 and 3/8 attachments on riser to mount camera or video head.
[Hardware required included]

Extra dolly track available here


Footprint: 32x27 inches [dolly]
Weight: 12 LBS
Capacity: 100 LBS
Construction: Aluminum, Rubber
Works with any consumer or professional tripod.
[Spike feet, ball feet or flat feet]
Works with any DSLR or Video camera.

*Tripod and video heads not included

by Doren M - Uniontown, PA
Well built
by Benjamin H - Los Angeles, California
This rig is incredibly smoooooooth!
Couldn't be happier with my purchase! Well built and easy to set-up, it worked like a dream on a music video. Looking forward to many more shoots with the Merlin.
Amazing Product
by Eloyd - Holyoke, MA
by Kevin P - Norwalk, California
Amazing Product. used it and it is flawless! great build quality and works perfect.
I wanted to express how happy I am with my Merlin dolly!

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